Machine de Sleevage Fin de Ligne

End-Of-Line Shrink Sleeve labeler


Choose a marketing strategy that goes with premium packaging to convey the entire value of your product in the shelves.

The first compact and fully integrated end-of-line sleeve applicator, the versatile apsleeve of Aprium Technology opens new opportunities for producers searching ways to upgrade the packaging of their volume products or reduce production costs of newly developed premium yogurts and desserts.

Overcoming the technical challenges of applying a sleeve on filled cups

Yogurts and milk-based desserts are delicate products that must not be over manipulated, turned upside down or overheated.Therefore, the end-of-line integration of a shrink sleeve applicator should be able to insert the sleeve label from the bottom and shrink it very quickly so that the product itself is not heated.

Both challenges have been met by the apsleeve, which can apply a sleeve label on all kinds of cup shapes without having to turn the cup upside down and shrink it in less than 3 seconds.

It offers also the only solution that is able to perfectly align the graphics of the lid with those of the sleeve. Producers can thus get full mastery of their packaging to deliver the exact experience they expect on the shelves.

Integrated end-of-line sleeve labelling for cost reduction

The apsleeve end-of-line sleeve labeling solution consists of a single, standard module that can be added on both FFS or FS lines and thus apply sleeve labels on both packs and unit cups. At only 5 meters long, the apsleeve benefits from a significantly reduced footprint compared to existing solutions.

It allows manufacturers to start production from undifferentiated packagings and thus to save on both storage space and labour costs. 

Enhanced Flexibility

The apsleeve can process several types of film. Producers are free to choose their preferred supplier, whose product will be tested on the machine and validated by Aprium.

Thanks to its modular design, the apsleeve adapts to both low and high volumes, with production outputs ranging from 12 000 up to 60 000 cups per hour.

The apsleeve also offers the best flexibility in production. The machine is able to apply sleeve labels of various heights on different cup shapes, without having to intervene manually for sleeve format changeovers.

Productive performance for multi-flavor packs

The apsleeve has also been designed with multi-flavor packs in mind. Multi-flavor packs can either consist of cups linked together (FFS technology) or individual cups grouped in a cardboard box or sleeve.