End-of-Line packaging solutions
End-of-Line packaging solutions

End-of-line packaging solutions


Your End-of line solutions is also an important part of your Operational efficiency

Synerlink engineers the optimum end-of-line packaging solutions for single or multipack cups and bottles taking into consideration your marketing and logistic requirements.  

In this approach Synerlink developed also a new sleeve labelling applicator for your individual cups or packs of cups, the  APSleeve  from Aprium Technology. It is fully integrated to the end-of-line through a standard equipment that fits both FFS and FS production lines. 

Synerlink secondary packaging and material handling equipment offers a wide range of solutions for batch preparation, overwrapping, case packing, stacking, elevating and palletizing. We can provide intermittent motion, continuous motion robotics, or a combination of both technologies to suit your specific end-of-line equipment requirements.

Intermittent motion provides a very compact and efficient secondary packaging line from 30 to 200 overwraps per min with positive or classic conveying, regardless of your upstream equipment. 

Continuous motion with integrated robotics brings efficient high capacity end-of-line solutions up to 360 overwraps per min. Its flexibility simplifies product change-over and end of production emptying operations with 0 product losses.

Our Efidrive HMI standard interfaces with all elements of the line and facilitates the management and control of the complete line by one operator. It provides the operator with a visual standard that is simple and consistent for complete packaging line performance.