End-of-Line innovation

Aprium APstep

APstep: combination of an overwrapper and a case packer in a compact solution

Developed by the Synerlink brand Aprium, specializing in end-of-line solutions, the equipment combines secondary and tertiary packaging in one operation on the same compact and easy-to-use machine. This sequential operation solution takes the place of a continuous motion overwrapper, and lets you change recipes without having to stop the machine, making it ideal for small batches.

The APstep solution, integrating both overwrapping and case packing capabilities, has further solidified SYNERLINK's position as a market leader in complete packaging lines optimized for the food processing industry.

APstep meets the competitiveness and small footprint demands of SYNERLINK customers. "We just secured two back-to-back orders for our APstep solution," said Pierre Therville, Director of Sales for the Aprium product line at Synerlink. "The design attracted independent manufacturers, who then chose to purchase a complete Synerlink FFS line on account of its excellent value for money."