Dosing solutions


Because the product is more important than the container

Custom made filling solutions

Our filling applications are suitable for stirred or set yogurt with or without fruit pieces, mousses, cottage cheese, stewed fruits or vegetables, viscous products such as honey or jam, liquid or dry products such as cereals ...

We can produce hot-filled long shelf-life products such as puddings and custards, high-acid products such as apple puree, baby food, juice, tea, etc.

Various filling configurations can be handled such as: Fruit On Bottom, multi-layer, twisted, side-by-side co-filling and others...

We provide standard multi-flavor filling stations. Our filling stations are stand-alone and can be implemented on your existing filler.
We supply complete filling solutions including blenders, multi-flavor fruit stations, and aroma fillers.

We apply state of the art Just-In-Time blending preserving fragile products and optimizing fruit piece distribution.  This allows for quick flavor changes with minimal product losses.

Ultra Clean filling for ESL

Our ultra clean filling machines are suitable for Extended Shelf Life (ESL) chilled dairy products.

All fillers are CIP-able (Clean In Place) with hot chemical solutions or steam through the filling nozzles. Their easy and quick cleanability coupled with quick recipe changes means greater production availability.

Our product range includes 3A-certified filling machines.

Optimize your filling performance

Our fillers are the most accurate filler in the market.

Since 1990 we have designed filling stations that take care of the product viscosity. This contributes to the optimization of product cost and ensures the quality of the texture.
We can handle fragile products like whipped cream, mousses and fruit pieces while maintaining product integrity.
Dripping is controlled using one of our select cut-off nozzles.

We can conduct pre-tests on your product in our plant to ensure the efficiency of the in-line filling.