To be enjoyed in simple or sophisticated individual packages

Filling line with extended shelf-life (ESL) for cold or hot filled desserts

We provide ultraclean fillers suitable for cold or hot desserts with neutral Ph such as custard, chocolate cream, puddings, egg-based products, jam or honey, and soy bean based yogurt variations.

Our piston dosing units are steam-able in place (SIP), offering a filling solution free of chemical sanitation residues.

Enhance attractiveness by shaping your product!

We can add value to your products by producing specific filling shapes and multi-filling arrangements with gentle handling of sensitive products such as mousse, fruit pieces and viscous creams.

Regardless the packaging material you choose for your product: the transparency of PET (polyethylene therephtalate) to enhance your filled product or an attractive labeled PS (polystyrene) cup; our complete integrated FFS lines can answer your needs.

Your product differentiation: we make it possible on our production lines

Customize your consumer packages by inserting:  straws, spoons, magnets etc. in your dessert multi-packs.

These components are automatically applied at high speed in your production line during the overwrapping operation.