Dairypack_Form Fill Seal Machine

Synerlink-Iberica - well-known under the name Dairypack is located in Logroño, Spain. They design and custom manufacture packaging machines for dairy and dessert product producers. Dairypack is an innovative company that can respond to unusual requirements, offering both Fill-Seal and Form-Fill-Seal technology.

Having joined the Synerlink group in 2016, the Dairypack brand now benefits from the support of its new partner for development on the European and Latin American markets, focusing on low- and medium-rate filling machines.


Recognition of expertise

Well-known on the Spanish and Portuguese markets for its filling quality with Burgos cheese, Dairypack was contacted a few months ago by a major copacker.

This international company finally ordered three filling machines that the team is proud to have delivered. Dairypack won the contract ahead of several competitors due to their machines’ superior features, such as an excellent quality/price ratio, great flexibility, ease of use and reduced maintenance cost.


Flexibility and versatility

These machines fill cups of various capacities and pre-formed buckets of several kilos, which, after decontamination by UV, peroxide or pulsed light, are filled with various dairy products and then sealed. Lid placement is also possible. Products of different consistencies can also be filled, hot or cold, thanks to the standard piston filler design, which allows great versatility at the same filling station.

Other applications fill cups of multiple heights at a rate from 4,000 to 18,000 cups an hour (25 cycles a minute). 

Customer confidence

Dairypack has a respected presence in Europe and Latin America — particularly in Chile where it has major international partners in the dairy and dessert industry. With the vast majority of Dairypack customers renewing their orders, this loyalty speaks volumes about this company of experts that was founded in 2005, with now more than 70 machines in the market.