Cereals & dry products filling
Cereals & dry products filling

Cereals & dry products filling

Offer variety for consumer enjoyment

We offer you several options for customer enjoyment :

  • consumer cereal product mixing with yogurt from twin or triple cup compartment cups
  • single serve cereal in a bowl with impressive graphics 
  • microwavable cereals or soups in a single serve bowl.  Consumers would then add the liquid at time of preparation.


Our expertise in dry products filling at high speed

Synerlink can integrate net weight or volumetric solutions to fill cereals, granola, nuts or powders.  We can also include dust control measures for increased hygiene.

Synerlink can provide patented technology to eliminate product cross-contamination within the FFS machine should dry or dusty products be filled in the same multi-cavity cup as other sensitive products.  By separating the product fill areas and creating a 2 stage lidding process, we can create separate hygiene zones thereby ensuring individual product integrity within the cup cavities.