Beverage Packaging Line
Beverage Packaging Line

Beverage Packaging Line

Healthy and fresh drinks in bottle, cup, or pouch

Hygien and accuracy for any liquid filling

We can integrate our filling unit to your existing beverage packaging line for increased accuracy and improved hygiene.

Electronic flow meter or volumetric fillers are adapted to homogeneous liquids such as: water, school milk, tea, vegetable or fruit juices, smoothies and many fermented dairy drinks such as: kefir, buttermilk or sour milk to name a few. 

Our high hygiene volumetric filler is ideal for high fat content drinks or for blended drinks with cereals or fruit pieces.  
Mono or multi-flavor filler capacities range from 20g up to 2000g.

Managing the engineering of your beverage packaging solution

We have considerable expertise engineering packaging bottle lines. 

Synerlink integrates conveyors, product flow management, dividing /merging, along with secondary packaging machines such as cardboard sleevers, case packers, stackers and palletizers. 

We can produce various styles of paperboard sleeves, open trays and closed cases.