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Baby Food and Medical Nutrition

Food Safety: the most important value

Extended shelf-life (ESL) for infants products and medical nutrition

Maintaining a hygienic environment is critical to product quality.
Because of their easy-to-clean features and specific ultra-clean design, Synerlink fillers and primary FFS lines are suited for production of Extended Shelf Life products.  

They are equipped with ultra-filtered Class 100 or Class 10 filters located above the filling stations and can for specific high-hygienic applications, be extended to the plastic and lid materials.  Radiated UVc or pulse light (log 5) devices  can be installed on the plastic web and lid foil. The design of our FFS machines eliminates the mechanics below the plastic web and facilitates cleanliness and sanitation.

Like the filler, all downstream equipment includes  a stainless steel frame.

Choose the alternative to glass containers for single serve packaging

Synerlink can also produce packaging for infant products and medical nutrition.

Our hot filling technology under ultra-clean conditions allows for long shelf-life packaging of baby foods such as stewed fruits or vegetables and UHT milk-based products.  This offers an alternative to  glass containers for consumers.