Machine A6R2

A6R2 FFS line

Key distinguishing features of the FFS A6R2

Packaging machine directly designed using the new automation technology:

ex : SimotionD controller with Simotion servo-drives + Festo ASI network  + ASI safety bus. Equipped with the exclusive Efidrive HMI software, like all machines engineered by Synerlink.

  • Saving of 40% of the electrical connection + optimisation of the controller program.
  • 30% contraction (no more communication between servos and plc needed…).

Your benefits:

Steady state production efficiency, minimal start and stop waste, operational ergonomics, ease of machine accessibility, little change-over time, and low manpower requirements for operation and maintenance optimizes the productivity and reduces the operating costs.

Ex: 125gr labeled cup
From 15,000 up to 22,000 cups/hour
Ex: 50gr “suisse” cup
Ex: 150gr “conical” cup
14,000 cups/hour
Plastic web width Up to 398 mm
Plastic web pitch Up to 162 mm
Wrap-around label Optional