Bi-layer filling

Quality bi-layer filling with Synerlink Engineering

Bi-layer filling machines with high performance capacity are a cost-effective solution for packaging of food products such as yoghurts and desserts. Synerlink Engineering is a leading provider of packaging equipment for the food, beverage and cosmetics industries with a range of customized and turnkey solutions for your production line.

The FFS, primary packaging system provides a range of single serving, extended shelf-life and bi-layer filling capabilities and at high capacity production. The machine offers cup and container forming and precise filling for solids, bi-layer filling with desired finish in transparent cups in individual portions or multipack can be designed thanks to the latest technologies used.


With performance warranty, Synerlink Engineering bi-layer filling machines help you maintain hygiene levels thanks to integrated filter systems, eliminating risk of food contamination during product filling. Sealing is also achieved with the material and form of your choice.

Bi-layer filling and end-of-line logistics

The packaging systems have been designed to streamline and improve production from product filling through to end-of-line operations. With Synerlink Engineers, design a global packaging solution or integrate new generation, packaging systems to meet your needs for efficient batch preparation, overwrapping, case packing and palletizing of products and material handling.

If you would like any further information about bi-layer filling solutions, please contact us.